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Post Grad School Update

Hey Everyone!

Lots of great stuff happening as of right now. I had the fortune of playing/touring with some of my favorite artists these past couple of months. After my graduate recital I was able to play with Christian McBride, Damien Sneed, the Temptations, the Four Tops, and tour Japan for almost 2 weeks with Rodney Whitaker and the MSU Jazz Studies program. I also was able to perform at the 2019 International Tuba-Euphonium Conference in Iowa were I was one of two jazz guest artists. Freddie Mendoza a former mentor of mine and I played a euphonium quintet gig at the festival and payed homage to Rich Matteson’s legacy of jazz and Euphonium. It was a huge honor to be a guest artist and of course to perform jazz music for people!

In between that, The Sencalar/Glassman Quintet was able to start and compete our “Welcome Home Tour” in East Lansing. We conducted assemblies at all the East Lansing elementary schools with the students and introduced them to what jazz is and how it can be used as a way to express what you feel. We also had lots of volunteers with questions, thoughts, and at times hilarious statements. We were able to make this interactive as well with composing a blues with the students and having some students come and play the drums with the group. Lots and lots and lots of fun!

Currently, the Sencalar/Glassman Quintet is about to embark on our debut record. We are recording in a little less than 2 weeks and are really excited to bring that music to the public. The record will have the great Rodney Whitaker, Zacahary Adleman, Nathan Borton, Addison Frei, both Chris and myself, and Michael Dease producing the record with arrangements by Joseph Herbst, Steve Davis (Stevie-D,) Jason Hainsworth, Randy Napoleon, Michael Dease, and Chris and my arrangements. We’re really excited for this record as it will hopefully be a vehicle for us to spread the good word of trombone with the support of our friends, colleagues, and mentors.

Also really excited to be performing at the 2019 International Trombone Festival as a part of the Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble competition winners. We will be playing a set of our music that we sent in as well as new stuff! See all my trombone friends there!

Lastly, the Sencalar/Glassman Quintet has been invited to the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival where we will play on August 31st at 2pm at the Wayne State Pyramid stage. We are very excited to have been invited by the Artistic Director of the Detroit Jazz Festival, Chris Collins and can’t wait to perform in the great jazz scene of Detroit. More on that!

There’s more news to come but I just wanted to get something out there for you all (my inner Texan wants to say “Y’all!”) Let me know what you think!

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