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Copy of An Update during the madness!

Hey everyone almost a year has passed since my last post and lots has happened since last May! Since last year I have been lucky enough to work at numerous national jazz summer institutes, play lots of fun gigs, become a faculty member at Jazz & Creative Institute for the year, and start my last year of graduate school. I’m excited for what the next step is after my Masters degree is finished in May but as of now I have some fun events coming up that aren’t on my calendar tab already. (Check that out too for more local/ sooner events!) I’ve had such a wonderful time in Michigan the past two years and am so grateful for all of the education, experiences, and new friends.

June 1st- I’m a guest artist at the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference in Iowa closing out the conference with my former teacher, Freddie Mendoza in a tribute set to the great Rich Matteson during the late set.

I’m excited to be recording my 2nd album as a co-leader for the Sencalar/Glassman Quintet debut album in the middle of June. The album will be featuring myself, Chris Glassman, Nathan Borton, the great Rodney Whitaker, Zachary Adleman, and some guests on a few tracks.

Next fall semester I’m super excited to be on tour with the Sencalar/Glassman Quintet in Texas, Colorado, Michigan, and Florida. We’ll be giving CD releases, clinics, concerts, and local gigs! More as we get closer to those exact tour dates.

These are some of the great events happening soon but this Friday I’m excited to be playing with DeeDee Bridgewater in Detroit at Detroit School of the Art.

Till then catch me on the radio for WKAR’s Vinyl Side at Midnight March 10th and my Master’s degree recital March 17th at 8pm at Demonstration Hall at Michigan State University.

I’ll try to update this before the summer and other exciting events happen.