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Altin Sencalar plays with a unique blend of passion, soul, and technique. While his improvisation draws from the fire and intensity of R&B and Latin Jazz, they are simultaneously rooted up in the jazz tradition. He is an artist to be on the look out for and his recording begs for multiple listens.
— John Fremgan, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
I truly enjoyed listening to every song on Altin’s debut recording. His trombone and euphonium playing projects absolute soul, warmth, and elegance. Altin’s compositions are extremely tasteful and I enjoyed his treatment of the standard repertoire. Wonderful selection of sidemen. Jazz trombone is in good hands.
— Andre Hayward, Internationally Acclaimed Jazz Trombonist, 2003 Thelonious Monk Competition Winner
This is a strong opening statement from trombonist Altin Sencalar, showcasing his great command of the horn, remarkable for both his power and range. His signature as a soloist is the rhythmic authority that he brings to every phrase. It’s also great to hear Altin’s emerging voice as an inventive composer/ arranger in this quartet/ quintet setting.
— John Mills, Internationally Acclaimed Composer, Professor of Jazz Composition and Saxophone, University of Texas at Austin
Altin Sencalar is one of the finest trombonists of his generation. His soulful sound and fiery improvisations are a pleasure to listen to.
— SSG Kyle Johnson, US Army, Jazz Ambassadors 3rd trombonist
Altin plays with fire, authority, and honesty. The energy and enthusiasm Altin and his band brings to this record (Introducing Altin Sencalar) fuels my optimism about the future of jazz.
— Jeff Hellmer, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Altin’s hard work, dedication, and study of the Master’s of jazz is evident in his debut album. He is a force to be reckoned with for sure. I expect great things from this young trombonist!
— Freddie Mendoza, Professor of Jazz Trombone, Ball State University
Altin Sencalar is a new generation of players that are keeping it alive. He has a great tone and is a first class player. It’s always a pleasure to have him play in my jazz Vatos band from time to time.
— Ernie Durwawa, Grammy Winning Drummer for The Texas Tornados, and Los Jazz Vatos
After having played several gigs with Altin Sencalar, I’ve marveled over his musical improvisation and interpretation. With technique reminiscent of Carl Fontana and Frank Rosolino he also portrays the expressive capabilities and lyricality of J.J. Johnson. A truly gifted trombonist who it inspiring to sit next to, energizing to listen to, and truly dedicated to furthering the art of jazz trombone.
— Tom Mensch, Jupiter XO trombone artist