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Education MAterials

"As an educator, Altin is regularly selected as a competition judge, workshop clinician, and low brass instructor. His private students boast a track record of 100% placement in their All-Region competitions, with several advancing to the Area level for three years and counting.

Education is the way to influence/mentor the younger generation in music. As an educator Altin is constantly working to create different methods in order to serve his students best. Altin is looking to serve the three different types of students; visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners. Along with educating the different types of students Altin is dedicated to integrating a curriculum that integrates all three styles of learning into a single methodology that better serves the music communities future generations. You can find masterclass examples that Altin is available to do along with some trombone fundamentals, jazz materials, and troubleshooting tips for students looking to increase their musical depth as an aspriring artist. 

Study with Altin? You can study with Altin either at Jazz and Creative Institute in Kalamazoo or with Altin in Lansing at his studio! Click one of the two buttons below!

All videos of Masterclasses can be found on Altin’s Youtube channel. Click the icon at the bottom of the page!

All masterclass materials are available in PDF format below.  

For materials for masterclasses please inquire through the "contact" page.